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Located adjacent and to the south of Will's Trace on Rising Rd. & Windsor Rd. This 40 Acre Park begins construction this this Fall!

This park is to be developed as a "passive-natural" park that replicates native Illinois ecosystems. The entry to the park will be from Rising Road. The entry road ends at a playground, picnic grove with open shelter, restrooms, parking lot and open space area located near the center of the park. The grade of this open space will form a natural amphitheater.

Two miles of trails radiate out from the center of the park and loop around as well as through the native ecosystems which include lowland and upland prairies, savannah and upland woodlands. Along the trails at key locations are seating and viewing areas and interpretive signage describing key elements of the ecosystems.

The first phase construction is slated to begin in 2008. The first phase includes: grading of the site including construction of a pond, the access road and parking lot, 1/8th mile of trails, picnic shelter and seeding of the entire site.

Summary of Covenants

Set Backs Front Yard Set Back 25'
Side Yard Set Back 6'
Rear Yard Set Back 15'

Footage Requirements  
One Story Ranch Plans 1900 square feet
One and a  Half Story Plans 2300 square feet
Two Story Plan 2300 square feet